OnlineTicketExpress operates as one of the leading secondary marketplace websites for sports and concerts tickets around the world. We work hard to make sure you'll get the best prices. Tickets on our website can be higher or lower than the initial cost of the original tickets value.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I buy tickets?

You just have to select the event you are interested in and fill the purchase form online.

2. Can I get seats together?

We always try allocate all tickets from the same order seating together but the guarantee that we give is for pairs of seats next to each other.

3. What are the prices including?

All our prices are including the cost of the ticket and the VAT (= IVA).

4. What is CVV inside the payment step?

These are 3 digits at the back of the credit card.

5. What is Credit Card Issuing Bank inside the payment step?

It is the name of the bank, which issued the credit card.

6. Is there any different price for children?

Our site has no price concession.

7. What are the payment options I have?

We offer a credit card payment option on our site, either with Visa or Mastercard. (for the Bank Transfer assistance, please contact our Sales Team).

8. The date or venue or time of the event has changed and due so I cant longer make it. Can I get refund?

As these changes are completely out of our control, we are unnable to offer any refund.

9. How can I inform the hotel (or apartment) I will be using during the event?

You just have to use the shipping address area of your purchase order to inform it.

10. I have no address to inform and so need to get tickets at the stadium. What to do?

Just write on the comments area of your order a request for a pick-up point and so you will receive all the instructions by email.

11. How to find tickets for a particular event?

You can either select the event from one of the links we offer or type the event inside the searching area.

12. What is the currency that will be invoiced?

All payments will be taken in EUR even if the original price offered on our site is in a different currency.

13. When will I get my tickets delivered?

We are sending tickets by courier service like DHL or similar 3 to 5 days before the event and they are usually delivered 1 or 2 days before the event. In case of late release of the tickets, we can schedule a pick-up point for the same day of the event but in this case you will receive an email with full information and instruction.

14. Is it possible to receive my tickets earlier?

Due to the nature of our business, tickets are not usually released earlier than 1 week before the event, so we can't guarantee an earlier shipment and delivery.

15. Why the face value of the ticket I received from you is lower than the price I have paid?

We get tickets in your behalf on the secondary market for events that are usually sold out long in advance. The price of tickets on the secondary market is driven by demand and is usually higher than the face value (the price printed on the ticket).

16. Why the difference between your categories and the categories printed on the tickets?

We have decided to offer clear options in a standardized way instead of all different categories originally offered for the several events in different venues that we are dealing with. Being so, our categories may be different from the original categories and may be selected according to the description available on our site.

17. Do you have a dedicated page for complaints?

Yes we certainly do, you can place your complaint/s at